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Transformation Meditation is a 3 month intensive where we will be expanding our practice of Meditation to bring about a complete reality shift with the addition of group coaching for further guidance, support and connection.

The main focus with Transformation Meditation is diving into the realm of “Deep” meditation, which is not something that can be learnt from a video or course and is the bridge to becoming an advanced meditator.

Deep meditation consists of your accessing higher or deeper dimensions within yourself, tapping deeper into your source.

These meditations unfold in whichever way is best suited your soul’s needs at that moment and gives you a new level of control over yourself and your reality.

We can then use this new power we access practically to accelerate whatever we are doing in our physical reality, whether that be through our mission/finances/relationships/goals and in turn be able to use less effort, yet receive more and manifest quicker.

You are as infinitely deep as you are wide, thus a meditation guide has the roadmap to take you the straight and narrow path deep into your meditation.

In the sessions I will be (energetically) taking you deeper into your meditation so that you access a depth much quicker and deeper than you would on your own.

This is why a meditation guide can turn the progress you would gain in 3 years of practice into 3 months.

There will be numerous supplementary meditations in the program mainly geared towards healing and energy work which will accelerate your progress and clear up your vibration so you automatically start manifesting a greater reality with more ease.

Also there is a portion of the sessions dedicated to group coaching so we can discuss your individual roadblocks and needs and find the most efficient solutions for them.

The program consists of 2 sessions a week.

The first session for the week is where we will be doing a deep meditation and discussing the week’s topic and supplementary meditation, with a a Q&A and group conversation at the end.

The second session is an Office Hours where you can drop in anytime. This offers a space for further support, questions or just a general chat.

A minimum of 1hr a day is required as a commitment for this program.

The truth is there is no real shortcut to reaching advanced levels in your meditation and your consciousness.

And by the end of the course you will see how much more practical it is to commit an hour of your day towards meditation.

Yes. Alongside the supplementary meditations the deep meditation will allow you to tune into yourself and your internal guidance like never before.

Even when unsure I will show you how you can enter a space within you where you can always guarantee a clear answer.

Your intuition always knows the next best step to take and you deserve the ease and confidence that comes along with it.

Yes. A large portion of this course is dedication to emotional healing and emotional mastery, so that you always have a strong foundation of practice and practices so that you can withstand any emotional weather.


Yes. With deep meditation we access your internal energetic potential. 

This essentially is a building up of creative / spiritual / sexual energy which brings your physical reality into manifestation.

This means whether it be financial, business, relationship or any other desire you have, building up and accessing this energy in deep meditation acts as an amplifier and accelerates the manifestation process, before you even need to physically take action.

And combined with the supplementary meditations you taking action will feel more effortless than ever.

Working hard for what you want is an old paradigm. It’s time to create a new one.

This program was indented for influencers, however the benefits and practice of meditation are universal, so if you’re willing to commit the time, energy and finances you are more than welcome.

No. This course is intended for those that are familiar with meditation or have a regular meditation practice and want to take it to the next level.

This is mainly because the increase in the amount you meditate may be difficult to adapt to for complete beginners.

However I am not one to limit, so if you feel you are capable and can commit to an hour practice of meditation every day, then you are more than welcome to join.

If you’re looking for a place to start you can check out my live meditations on Mondays.

Ultimately the results depend upon your commitment to the program and your ability to surrender and trust the process.

Having said that a lot of the meditations shared are fool-proof and many have had profound experiences after just one session of deep meditation.

You can read more at the Testimonials page.

The monetary investment is $3000 per month for 3 months. (A small discount is provided for those paying in full).

Ultimately, how high you perceive the investment price to be comes down to how much value you perceive from what’s being offered.

Transformation Meditation is designed to bring a complete shift and new level of control over yourself and your reality. So that you can have the impact, gain the results and create the life your desire WITH ease.

A course like this is not available online as only a few have the ability to guide you into deep meditation and simultaneously teach it in the online space (I know less than 5 and those are the teachers I’ve personally been taught by).

It comes down to whether or not you’re ready to take your life experience and soul growth to a whole new level that you’ve not witnessed before.

And if you’re not that’s completely fine! 

I also host free meditations on Mondays and have a podcast you can check out too to assist you as best as I can in your journey.

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