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"I Thought I Was Over A Lot Of Things In My Past"

"...I have struggled with emotional blockages and phases of constantly living in my head. But Manvir shines a light on several techniques and meditation methods to help overcome this. ... what I have learned from Manvir’s teachings gives me an essential toolkit that I can carry throughout my life. "
Sophia B.
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"...many doors have open for me on so many different levels, thanks to you, I cannot thank you enough I am grateful and it was an honor to have shared that experience with you, it helped me change my life, today even more than I have ever been I feel omnipotent, thank you, thank you, thank you"
Rodricus D.
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"Years of discomfort resolved in one session!"
Teresa O.
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" I felt comforted and safe to be vulnerable (Which is not easy for me!) His gentle, empathetic nature helped me tap into my heart space."
Daisy J.
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