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Manvir Dhinse Meditating NationThere are a many simple, tangible and practical benefits of meditation… if you practice correctly, consistently and with a purpose.

The first book I ever (voluntarily) read was “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle, which gave a sense of freedom that I never experienced before.

I was always interested in spirituality especially knowing about my mum’s psychic abilities and some of the paranormal experiences my parents went through.

She kept very quiet about it during my childhood and after knowing this it had me very curious and scared at the same time.

The ability of my mother to “see” what isn’t physically there took me by surprise to say the least!

After reading the book, I pretty much became addicted to spirituality which led to it now to be my full-time passion in life and one I want to share with you.

Having a close family member suffering from depression and mental health issues also had me a little scared, because at the time I thought those kinds of issues were primarily genetic or up to fate. I was curious to see if I could prevent it from happening, or even reverse it.

I knew deep down, that I absolutely had to gain control of my own thoughts and emotions before I could begin to help others… So I started with experimenting using binaural beats on the advice of a fitness instructor on YouTube, which worked well initially, but I was reliant on it.

From there, I focused more on the breath and other meditation techniques that only required myself and a chair to sit on.

This is eventually was where the breakthrough came and all of a sudden, I could calm my emotions and focus my thoughts and energies to do what I wanted to do.

It was interesting to also observe the gradual improvement of my family member over time from some of the techniques I shared with them.

The process started over ten years ago and has been and is continuing to be developed and refined after undergoing very enlightening training with meditation masters and coming across a system that allowed me to scientifically measure my progress.

What I offer you is a simple, practical and customized techniques to gain complete control of your thoughts and emotions, so you can channel them into anything you choose. I can’t guarantee you riches or wild successes… simply because I’m not sitting in your mind, and also, I have NO desire to become your ‘guru’!

I feel that too much ambiguity and mysticism has been introduced to the space of meditation and it has made it unclear on how to progress with it, and how to actually know if you’ve made any progress.

Getting married to a specific technique, thinking all there is to it is mindfulness, or using a meditation technique that isn’t effective for where YOU are at.

And if we take the term “meditation,” it often takes you down the path of guru worship and looking outward to the external, instead of realizing that the power of meditation lies within you.

That is where I come in!

I use a simple, effective and most importantly measurable system which uses a proven scientific model. For the first time you can measure where you are on your spiritual journey and in gaining complete control of your mind… Taking away the need to become co-dependent on a ‘guru’. (See Diagram Below)

And the beauty of it is you can stop at whichever stage you’re satisfied with!

Get in touch with me to find out the real benefits of meditation and specifically how to practice.

With Love,
Manvir 💚

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