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Meditation Is Your MedAcacian (Vol 1)

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Meditation Is Your MedAcacian (Vol 1)  takes the listener on a journey through the lower energy centers with the intention to guide the listener to their highest potential. Oftentimes, the journey to the higher self includes the removal of blocks, stagnant energy, trauma, healing, and ancestral challenges. It is our pleasure to facilitate you on your journey. Wishing you love and well-being.

Please use earbuds to receive the best effects from the meditations. Enjoy!

Acacia Innerprise and Meditating Nation

Disclaimer: This content is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to offer medical or health-related advice. It is not a substitute for medical advice or practice. Do not use this meditation whilst while driving or in any situation where it is not safe to relax and/or sleep.

1 review for Meditation Is Your MedAcacian (Vol 1)

  1. Timara C (verified owner)

    This meditation is incredibly powerful. It helped me quiet my mind and really connect with my inner being. I felt like my energy was cleansed and renewed after meditating to the root chakra track. Would definitely recommend this to others especially those trying to quiet their mind and get to a state of peace.

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