Transformation Meditation

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Are you tired of Efforting?

Efforting with hustle in your business and work taking the fun out of it.

Efforting by feeling fake in your relationships and social media not revealing your true authentic self.

Efforting in a way which results in self-sabotage feeling like you’re going in the opposite direction to where you want to.

Efforting within life but missing the feeling of completeness, fulfilment and passion that comes with following your true path in alignment.

The truth is Efforting is an outdated paradigm

We’re no longer in a world where we need to hustle to get what we want.

Do you want to be able to make effortless and intuitive decisions in your business and have it play out the best possible way every time?

Do you want to be able to effortlessly be YOU in your relationships and social media without fear or guilt for expressing your authenticity, instead gaining loyal relationships and followers?

Do you want to be supported by every aspect of your psyche and being, so you can take intuitive action with without all the resistance?

Do you want the fulfillment, flow and ease in your life that comes with living in alignment within every cell of your body?

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Transformation Meditation

A Live 7 Week 1-On-1 Intensive where we cover how to eliminate the EXACT blocks keeping you from living effortlessly in your business, relationships and life.

Life becomes a lot simpler and easier when you work from the inside out.

In Transformation Meditation you will be able to spot the EXACT cause of EVERY obstacle you experience and map it back to what needs to be healed within, and then heal it effortlessly! Simple as that.

This goes for obstacles in your relationships, business, work, creativity, money.

And none of these meditations or techniques require you to believe in them, you will know when you’ve healed what needs to be healed and see the physical results in REAL-TIME.

Transformation Meditation contains the most efficient, noticeable, quick-acting and life changing meditations you will ever experience.

If you want to live effortlessly in your business, relationships and life and let go of your overdue blockages. Click below and let's get started

Don't take my word for it

Rukiya M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I absolutely loved experiencing and integrating Manvir’s Transformation Meditation course. Nothing is more important than learning to be able to be in harmony with self, through the rough and the smooth transition in life. Manvir is a phenomenal meditation coach 🙏🏽 you can feel is devotion to his practice it might be contagious 😂. You will learn powerful techniques to be with the energies flowing within you. Now more than ever is time to tune into self I highly recommend Manvir as your guide to a supportive meditation lifestyle. - All my love Rukiya"

Meditating Nation Testimonial
Sophia B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"...I have struggled with emotional blockages and phases of constantly living in my head. But Manvir shines a light on several techniques and meditation methods to help overcome this. Although I am still a work in progress, I believe what I have learned from Manvir’s teachings gives me an essential toolkit that I can carry throughout my life..."

Abu W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Having never meditated or performed any form of deep self reflection of this manner, I found it difficult at first to get settled and to find my own place.
With Manvir's guidance and the group setting however, I found the sessions inspiring and enlightening, broadening my outlook on meditation allowing myself to reach greater inner peace on an ongoing basis.
I highly recommend the course to anyone who is new to meditation or who is looking to further their meditation regardless of experience level.
Thank you Manvir and to all who participated in this journey with me.

    "I thought I was over a lot of things in my past"

    "Each one of these meditations gave me so much."

    What We will be covering over the Next seven weeks:

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    $333 / Session
    • 1 Live 1-on-1 session
    • Access to relevant pre-recorded lesson
    • Access to relevant guided meditation audio
    • Access to relevant bonus lessons
    • Message support
    • Access to 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
      (after 7 sessions)
    • 1 Self-Care Package* option (after 5th session)

    *Self-Care Package includes:
    1 x Custom healing herbal tea blend (from Acacia Innerprise)
    1 x  Money, Loved & Abundance Soap box + Mist Spray (from I Am Radicus Love)
    1 x Etheral Surgery Session (from JMB Universe)

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    Manvir Dhinse Meditating Nation

    Manvir is a Transformational Meditation Guide. He specializes in creating and intuiting guided meditations that create inner transformation in an individual, to experience more ease, flow and abundance in their relationships, business/work, finance and life.

    Meditating 2-3 hours a day and having integrated many practices over many years, Manvir is on a constant search and refinement in ways to create efficient, permanent and quick change so spiritual influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs, seekers can make quantum leaps on their path and experience ease and flow as they do so.

    Manvir is also a certified Youniversal Meditation Teacher, Cosmic Sexuality Instructor and soon New Humanity School Meditation Teacher.

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