Transformation Meditation

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Are you tired of wearing the mask?

I know, in the spiritual space there’s so much pressure to be in “alignment”, to be “strong” to be “high vibrational” all the time.

But that’s pretty draining right? Just holding that pressure and burden to show up as the awake or enlightened person, that’s unconditional all the time.

It’s Exhausting! It affects how you show up in your relationships, your business and to your audience, or those that look to you for advice.

The thing is even though it may appear subtle, you know it’s going to cost you in the long run. It will lead you to building a business, a relationship, a personal brand (or anything for that matter) that is not based on who YOU authentically are.

Which just makes that very thing harder and harder to sustain, the more you build on that inauthentic foundation. Until it or you eventually breaks.

No one knows how much it takes to show up in your business, work or relationships like you do. But you're not alone.

Do you want to show up as who you authentically are, without the pressure or fear of what others will think in your audience or relationships?

Do you want to save the extra time, energy AND money that gets wasted trying to sustain how you feel so you can show up properly for your business and work?

Do you want to THRIVE in your business, in your relationships AND in your finances without the guilt or shame of being you and receiving your worth? 

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Transformation Meditation

A Live 6 Week 1-On-1 Intensive where we cover how to eliminate the EXACT blocks you're experiencing in your business, relationships and life by being YOU.

Listen, in the spiritual space there’s a lot of judgment and expectation of how you should act and be. And let me tell you now… you DO NOT need to be a high vibrational fairy all the time.

Just by being YOU in every moment you can MAGNETIZE the business, opportunities and relationships you desire, no matter what state you’re in!

And NO you will not f*ck up your manifestations… IF you do it the right way.

Transformation Meditation is designed to create quickeffortless and permanent transformation. So that you can live how YOU are designed and experience the ease, flow and fulfillment that comes with living to your personal blueprint, behind those extra layers.

You will be able to pin-point EVERY problem / situation / desire in your life SPECIFICALLY to what needs to be healed within you, so you can EFFORTLESSLY eradicate every obstacle and naturally magnetize the exact opportunities, relationships, and finances you desire.

No more money, no more time, no more energy wasted on modalities or techniques that require you to “believe” in them or that you hope will work . You will KNOW EXACTLY what you’re healing and EXACTLY when it’s healed, and see the physical results in REAL-TIME.

Efforting is an outdated paradigm. If something feels hard, whether that’s being authentic, landing more clients, making more money, listening to your intuition… Chances are there’s some internal work that needs to be done.

It’s time to let go of all that outdated baggage and reclaim the ease, flow and overdue results it has been blocking.

Don't take my word for it

Rukiya M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I absolutely loved experiencing and integrating Manvir’s Transformation Meditation course. Nothing is more important than learning to be able to be in harmony with self, through the rough and the smooth transition in life. Manvir is a phenomenal meditation coach 🙏🏽 you can feel is devotion to his practice it might be contagious 😂. You will learn powerful techniques to be with the energies flowing within you. Now more than ever is time to tune into self I highly recommend Manvir as your guide to a supportive meditation lifestyle. - All my love Rukiya"

Abu W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Having never meditated or performed any form of deep self reflection of this manner, I found it difficult at first to get settled and to find my own place.
With Manvir's guidance and the group setting however, I found the sessions inspiring and enlightening, broadening my outlook on meditation allowing myself to reach greater inner peace on an ongoing basis.
I highly recommend the course to anyone who is new to meditation or who is looking to further their meditation regardless of experience level.
Thank you Manvir and to all who participated in this journey with me.

    "I thought I was over a lot of things in my past"

    "Each one of these meditations gave me so much."

    What We will be covering over the Next six weeks:

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